Champion City is a creative marketing agency that designs culture crafted strategies that connect brands to their audiences passion points.

Based in Los Angeles, we are on the pulse of culture and lifestyle trends, and leverage our insights to bring authenticity to every project and campaign. In a city that's home to leaders that are championing movements in every creative field, it's the perfect launching pad as we work with clients across the U.S. 

Founded in 2015, we set out to build an agency from the ground up with a two-pronged approach - to be a partner that clients can rely on to creatively develop relationships with their audience, while simultaneously gaining the trust, and becoming a resource to those communities. Our passion for developing true connections helps our clients reach their goals while making a positive impact on community and culture.




We’re a team that reflects the communities we serve and audiences we target. This ensures we provide solutions that lead to diverse and inclusive campaigns.


We're a creative team determined to develop unique ideas that empower audiences and ignite meaningful dialogues.


We're committed to being a respectful and ethical team that takes responsibility and accountability in the work that we produce.

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