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Led by a woman of color, Champion City aligns with clients that are interested in making a social, creative and cultural impact. We are in the business of positively impacting community and elevating culture while reaching marketing and sales goals through the enrichment and detailed attention of a thoughtful marketing strategy. We believe in the importance of connecting with, including, and telling the true stories of diverse people.

We call our work CULTURE CRAFTED marketing strategies. 

Champion City is proudly certified a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).  



We’re a team that reflects the communities we serve and audiences we target. This ensures we provide solutions that lead to diverse and inclusive campaigns. We don’t believe multiculturalism is a service, but rather a value that lives with our team and within every project. 


We're a creative team determined to develop unique ideas that empower audiences and ignite meaningful dialogues. We strive to create programs that fill cultural voids and tell stories through authentic voices. 


We're committed to being a respectful and ethical team that takes responsibility and accountability in the work that we produce.


Champion City was born in 2015 out of the vision of two accomplished creative marketing professionals with successful careers working for both corporate and small agencies. 


Time and time again, we witnessed companies of all types in trouble with campaigns that failed to connect with their audience. That’s usually what happens when the people you’re trying to reach are not included in the decision making. We felt the need to change that and knew a different kind of agency had to be the solution. One that companies can rely on to build strong relationships with their audiences, while also being a resource to the communities we serve. 


When thinking about creating meaningful connections that are unique and memorable, we thought of how an artisan hand-crafts items with attention to detail, quality, time, and love. It’s this level of care and creativity we sought to bring clients, which led to coining the phrase Culture Crafted strategies.


Champion City believes in the heart of our clients and why their services and products exist. Together we will advance their mission and vision while having a positive impact on community and culture.

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