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¡El Grito!

The City of Los Angeles

How We Did It

Champion City was brought on as the Marketing & PR arm. Our team introduced the event to a new audience via a variety of tactics including, producing a promotional video, outreaching to new media outlets, creating new partnerships, and supporting Public Relations events. We also developed a social media presence consulting on strategy, produced a VIP pre-event for influencers, hired an MC for the night - a social media influencer with a large following of our target audience, and produced a recap video of the successful event. 


We achieved the Councilwoman’s goal in retaining current audiences while attracting a younger demographic and modernizing the event to include small business owners, artists, and entertainers. The result was double year’s prior attendance with over 9,000 patrons and a large millennial population and social media presence. The event explored the use of digital marketing through video and social media,  introduced new vendors, small business owners, artists and audiences who have since seeked it as THE city event to attend for the celebration of the Mexican patriotic holiday.

View Promo Video Here

¡El Grito!
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