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4th of July Block Party

Grand Park @ The Music Center

How We Did It

Considering that Los Angeles is a culturally-diverse city, we prioritized having various cultures represented with the artists and DJś selected to participate. It was also important to take into account that the event would be for several hours, from 3 - 10 PM, and that the music set the mood throughout the length of the festival. We programmed ten artists and DJ’s who performed everything from Latin boogaloo to afro house, soul & hip-hop, to dance and regional Mexican. All artists had a connection to Los Angeles and told their stories through their music. We asked the talent to speak about their LA story and the significance of 4th of July to them through the music.


Some 35,000 attendees danced throughout the 90 acres of the activated park. The talent intimately connected with the audience through the music. Fans, artists and DJs also took it to social media to talk about the significance of the event, the music, and the holiday’s importance to them as immigrants to LA. Media highlighted the huge success of the event. And client stated this to be an incredibly successful event, with our music programming serving as the anchor to audience engagement. It was the largest event to date for client, outside of their New Year’s eve celebration.

4th of July Block Party
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