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Jack Daniel's Turno7

Jack Daniel's

How We Did It

We developed Jack Daniel’s Turno7 series, a program that supports and celebrates Latino entrepreneurs that are making a community and cultural impact through their small businesses. Jack Daniel’s hosts a sponsored reception for entrepreneurs to celebrate their achievements and give thanks to their family, friends and supporters. Entrepreneurs are able to use this platform to make special announcements, launch new products, recognize a nonprofit they support, or simply an opportunity to raise a glass and toast with their closest supporters.


The events provided entrepreneurs highlighted an elevated promotional opportunity amongst their peers and target audience. They were able to leverage the name to expand their reach and attract more interest. Concurrently, the Jack Daniel’s brand and community goals were met. The events produced included various social media influencers such as @lelepons with 23.3 million Instagram followers, which contributes to the marketing opportunities the program provides to our client. Since the launch, a success entrepreneurial story includes Rizo’s Curls, a Latina-owned curly hair product brand that has since grown into a multi-million dollar international brand.

Jack Daniel's Turno7
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