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The Grand

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How We Did It

Our work consisted of market research, infrastructure assessment, and arts & culture programming recommendations  to appease the mandated 1% public art fee on new developments. This included conducting thorough research through various mediums- in-person meetings, online surveys, and other market research. Our expert production team also met with Mr. Gehry’s architecture firm, facility production experts, and other facilities of similar capacity to determine appropriate equipment recommendations for The Grand to be fully-equipped as an entertainment center.


Our recommendations for facility equipment and logistics, as well as appropriate community and arts & culture programming recommendations based on audience findings advanced The Grand’s opportunity to partner with various influential arts & culture entities and support the 1% public art fee. We successfully presented findings to potential partners, and secured LA City’s Department of Culture & Arts, LA County’s Arts & Culture, and other arts & culture institutions in the area, to partner with The Grand. 

The client was very satisfied with our work and has enlisted us to continue working with them in years to come. Champion City is programming The Grand’s 2023 grand opening arts and community festival to the public.

The Grand
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